• Full Tax Dispute Resolution Suite

    A tax dispute may have several stages, from requesting suspension of debt, asking for reasons, collating evidence, preparing the objection, considering the decision on objection, including approaching Tax Court to have invalid notices of invalid objection set aside by the Tax Court, preparing an appeal, representation at ADR hearing, Tax Board or Tax Court. Allow us to deal with the entire dispute from step one all the way through to Tax Court.

  • Enforcing Debt Suspension

    It often happens that SARS takes collection steps (garnishee orders, final demands, judgments etc) despite submission of a suspension of payment request under section 164 of the Tax Administration Act, No. 28 of 2011. We have an impeccable record of having these collection steps withdrawn.

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  • Requesting Reasons

    Understanding the exact legal basis for SARS’ decision or assessment is vital in all tax disputes. In addition, asking for reasons often has a strategic advantage and which may be the underlying reason for a successful dispute later on in the dispute resolution process.

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  • Submitting Objections

    Objections are an extremely important step in the dispute resolution process as it sets the tone and scope for the rest of the dispute. We have an impeccable track record at resolving disputes in favour of taxpayers at objection level.

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  • Appeal SARS assessment

    After an objection has been disallowed by SARS the next step in the tax dispute resolution procedure is to note an appeal if a taxpayer is still not satisfied.

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  • Dealing with an Invalid Objection

    Objections are often declared invalid for invalid reasons leaving taxpayers in a deadlock with SARS and the dispute not progressing to the next stage. We provide access to the Tax Court to have such invalid notices of invalidity set aside allowing the dispute to proceed to the next stage and to bring finality to the dispute.

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  • Applying for Default Judgment

    SARS and taxpayers are bound to certain rules, time frames and obligations under the tax dispute resolution rules. Where taxpayers do not abide by the rules, it may have adverse consequences for the taxpayer’s chances of resolving the dispute. Where SARS fails to abide by the rules, taxpayers may apply to the Tax Court for default judgment.

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